Monday, 15 June 2009

Anna Heath of the UAF and the BNP

Now I know most of you will already hav
e seen the above video or at least parts of it. But I figured it was worth putting it up again to marry it to a piece of information that Nick Griffin MEP, was unaware of at the time of the interview, as was the Sky Interviewer.

First, with regards to the allegation made by the interviewer that there was a Lady "elbowed in the throat" by one of Our Chairman's security staff. Freeze frame the incident and you will clearly see that this was not the case. In fact, the BNP man behaved very professionally in my opinon and I hope the Chairman filled him a pint later in the day. I know I will if ever I have the pleasure of meeting him.

This woman, who incidentally is no Lady, is in fact Anna Heath of the UAF, who according to some witnesses had earlier been attacking security staff with a placard, had ample time, as the following image shows to move aside.

Lady in Red? Don't think so

But this thug was not for turning. Her aim was to attack Nick Griffin MEP and slow his escape down to allow those animals in her pack to catch up with the quarry.

Right. Like I said earlier. You know all this already. But now we have all the bits fitted together for future reference.

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