Saturday, 27 June 2009

Nia Griffith MP and the BNP

BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards

LLANELLI MP Nia Griffith has pledged never to eat at taxpayers' expense again after an angry reaction to her food bills.

Last year, Ms Griffith claimed the maximum £4,800 for food, and has been named and shamed alongside 31 other MPs who did the same.

Even when the House of Commons wasn't sitting, they claimed the full £400 a month under the allowance scheme, which was meant to cover eating expenses accrued while staying away from their main residence, on parliamentary business.

The revelations sparked a backlash from critics who feel MPs, who have a minimum salary of £64,766, not to mention all the other allowances, should at least be able to pay for their own grub.

Now Ms Griffith points out she didn't break any rules, but has announced she won't be claiming for food again.

She said: "A few weeks ago, I voted for an interim measure to reduce it immediately to £25 per night for nights actually spent away from your main home, but it should, quite frankly, be abolished. So I have decided not to claim it in future."

Now it has also emerged that Ms Griffith claimed £9,533 in legal fees and stamp duty while purchasing her new London home shortly after becoming an MP in 2005. She has since claimed £2,270 for a "complete redecoration" of the flat, designated her second home, and at least £4,000 on furnishings, electrical goods and furniture.

She said: "I claimed for the stamp duty when I bought a flat in London, which is within the rules, as an allowable expense, and the money does at least go back to the Treasury."

But she accepted: "I do think there is a problem if property prices rise and MPs are seen to be making a profit on a property they have purchased with taxpayer subsidy.

"I therefore think that any profit made should go back to the taxpayer."


Too late as far as I am concerned Nia. It's very simple your greed has been exposed, in the year that you claimed £400 a month to feed yourself TAX FREE this is what has been happening in your constiuency since September 2008.
  • 85 Workers were axed at Llenelli's Calsonic Kansei in Felinfoel.
  • Thyssen Krupp Tallent announced 30 redundancies at it's Felinfoel plant which is now facing closure.
  • Car trader J & J Motors announced 22 redundancies in Cross Hands and Skewen.
  • 5 jobs are to be lost at the National Botanic Gardens in Llanarthe.
  • Llanelli car parts factory Schaeffer (UK) let 60 workers go ai it's plant in Bynea.
  • Amman Valley Enterprise ceased trading leaving 6 people out of work.
  • Llanelli YWCA closed with the loss of nine part-time jobs.
  • Corus closed it's Pontarddulais and Llandybie plants with the loss of 125 jobs.
  • Llanelli shops Adams,Burtons,Topshop,Woolworths and Burtons have closed.
Figures recently released by Camarthenshire Council that unemployment rocketed by 89.46 per cent in 12 months. Some 3721 people are out of work in the county with more than a third of the people unemployed are under 24 years of age.

So while you continue to enjoy "Tir Gofal" funding while ordinary farmers have to wait.

While you "swan around Troughminster" lining your own pocket, proudly carrying the bag of Harriet Harman who recently announced she wants to lower the sexual age of consent to 14 your constituents are really suffering as a result of your governments policies that you so enthusiastically endorse.

A General Election is coming and for the British National Party it cannot come soon enough. We will expose you and your parties lies.

We will make sure that every elector in Llanelli will know every penny that you have milked from the system while they lose their jobs and their homes.

Councillor Kevin Edwards

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