Friday, 15 May 2009

The hypocrisy of Nia Griffith MP

Now some people who have already seen the above video, in which Roger Phillips of BNPtv Wales put Llanelli Labour MP, Nia Griffith on the spot, said that Roger might have been a little bit rude in his style of interviewing.

But I suspect that the grilling this less than honourable lady, who deserves less respect than a street walker receives, will be nothing to that compared to any of the Pigs of Parliament who dare show their faces in their constituencies for some time to come. If ever.

First a reminder of this leeches voting record.
  • Voted against a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted against the Gurkas being allowed to settle in Our Country
Now although not one of the most infamous parasites of the public purse she has still managed to suck from the taxpayers blood, over £4,000 per week, mostly tax free and so you would have thought she would have been bloated enough.

But no. Some pigs always have to eat one more potatoe and that is the case with Nia.

If you check her entry in the MP's Register of Members Interest, you will find that she is in receipt of Tir Gofal funding for a small holding she owns in Wales. As of 16th June she had claimed in excess of £5,800. Just a small truffle to such a big pig but a truffle never the less.
Tir Gofal is the Welsh Assembly Government's higher level agri-environment scheme. It is available on farmed land throughout Wales, which rewards farmers for caring for the environmental, historical and cultural features on their land.
Currently the scheme is closed to new applicants because of the high numbers applying for it but the Green Arrow can reveal the current state of play with regards to the numbers of applicants who have applied and those claims processed.
  • North Wales, 374 applications received - 288 still to be processed
  • South Wales, 492 applications received - 406 still to be processed
  • West Wales, 578 applications received - 475 still to be processed
So one wonders, that with such a big back log of claims to be processed, one is curious as to how it was that Nia Griffith managed to leap to the front of the queue when real Welsh Farmers are struggling to survive and some reportedly committing suicide because of financial worries? Nothing to do with her sitting on the Welsh Affairs Committee would it?

Now for the "hypocrisy" bit of this post. This is what the mutton dressed as lamb, Nia had to say on the 6th of May in Westminster debate on Tax Avoidance and Evasion.
No one can pretend that ruling out the immoral and devious practices that companies use to avoid playing fair and to wriggle out of paying their dues—in short, to cheat — will be easy.

Those involved defraud the exchequers of the world of billions of pounds, and we all pay for that because we are defrauded as consumers and taxpayers.

When we as consumers buy something from a company, we expect a certain amount to go towards legitimate taxation, not towards lining the pockets of millionaires.

Similarly, we as taxpayers will pay more or enjoy fewer services if others do not pay their dues.
Bloody red scabby hypocrite. Still think Roger was being hard on the less than honourable lady?


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