Monday, 25 May 2009

Looking forward to June 7th

by johnofgwent

Although I can't find any overt evidence of celebration (which means they must have learned their lesson from last time). one must assume the foot-soldiers of the antidemocrats unholy alliance are pi55ing themselves laughing at the recent outage of the BNP main website thanks to a bunch of "dos"sers.

Well, let them laugh and enjoy their little victory. Internet Service Providers take a dim view of such conduct and if a trail of breadcrumbs is found, it will be folowed back. But for those of us who have been on the 'net since the days when it was the exclusive abode of universities and governments of nuclear superpowers, such things are old hat, water off a ducks back.

And in any case there are more important things to do. For one thing, and it is a matter a labour government ought to hang its head in shame over, the internet is only available to 38,512,000 people in the UK, slightly less than two thirds of the population. Yes, after twelve years of government from a party founded on the ideals of fair play and equal opportunity for citizenns of this country regardless of their income, more people than will bother to turn out to vote for New Labour on a good day have no access of any sort to the internet, and fewer still outside of "ABC" economic households in major conurbations have the sort of high speed access I enjoy here.

So while criminals in faraway lands take money from our political opponents who will do anything to destroy the playing field (maybe they've taken advice from neath MP Peter Hain,he knows a bit about nobbling playing fields, after all) what am I doing ?

Well, I'm really looking forward to two week's time. Because for a start as a BNP member I've just volunteered to attend the count up the road on June 7th. Now for anyone who has met me, you'll know I'm the ultimate road warrior and in my pockets you will normally find more ways to get connected to cyberspace than Jack Bauer and Captain Jack Harkness put together.

I have no idea if I can take any of that hardware with me into the real heart of our democratic process, whee the wishes of each and every one of you get turned into reality, but at the very least, I shall do my damndest to get a photo to rival this one

For anyone who has been living in a cave for the last couple of years, this picture was taken at the declaration at Blaenau Gwent when Tony Blair imposed Maggie Jones, seen here on the right with the glum face, on an electorate that cared little for New Labour, got really rather annoyed at Blair's demand that able and dedicated men be deselected in favour of women and agendas that tossed serving the community aside in favour of positive discrimination of minoriities, and told Tony where he could stick his ideas.

I'd love to be able to bring you a similar photograph for my first entry on this blog on Monday June 8th. A cameraphone shot of the glazed look on Paul Murphy's face as he realises his £3,000 expense claim for a boiler to give him a cooler shower has cost his party dear, and not inthe wallet, would do just fine. If I do see him, I must remember to shake his hand, as it's unlikely he'll shake it again next time we meet !