Saturday, 16 May 2009

The battle to come

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

I am sure I need not warn against complacency as we approach the June 4th election. Even though our Parliamentary democracy seems to be in free-fall and the triumvirate ruling parties are in disarray, as, by the day, a horrified public are shown, in full gory detail, just exactly what it is we have been governed by for all these years, the BNP will still have to fight for every single vote over the next 18 days.

Despite the moat cleanings, the massage chairs, the home cinemas, the taxpayer funded cat food and non-existent mortgages, be under no illusion, our nations politicians have been working day and night to prevent the one party without the expenses scandals from gaining seats in Europe. At the same time their friends in the media and in undemocratic boot boy pressure groups are frantically conspiring at any means of reducing the BNP vote.

The politicians are merely the head of the serpent, there is a fat and overfed, yet hate filled, body slithering behind which also has to be contended with. Indeed, were a meteorite to hit the House of commons during a crowded Prime Miscreant's Question Time, perish the thought (says she with every flexible body part crossed) the bots and sleepers they have put in place will still be mindlessly working against the British people.

They have their scripts and their pre-programmed commands and they will continue with their task whatever state their masters are in, because that is what they have been programmed to do.

I am sure we will all have seen the rather fuzzy haired and acne scarred Searchlight bot who appeared on both the BBC and Channel 4 News programmes earlier in the week, repeating his pre-recorded message “All evidence is ...'click' 'click' ... that disaffected voters are moving to.. 'click' UKRAP and the Greens rather than the .. 'click' 'click'...'clunk' ...'click' 'click' evil, racist , extremist, baby eating, puppy kicking, kitten starving BNP ....'fzzzzzit!'” ..... “All evidence is ...'whirrr' ...'clunk..” etc. etc. Honestly, I was convinced that any moment he would malfunction announce that his name was “Hal” and that he would "self destruct in “T minus 47 seconds”.

Of course, the BBC treated him as if he were an authority, rather than an automaton, and that disingenuous old liar, Jon Snow, who has anchored that once Communist and now heavily Islamic propaganda mouth-piece, Channel 4 news for the last quarter century, actually introduced the fuzzy bot as “a spokesman for the anti-extremist group Searchlight” .... “Anti-extremist??!” bollocks Mr Snow (as the Australian's might say) when were Searchlight ever anti extremist?, they are in bed with the extremists, and you are top and toed with them, sucking their feet!!

As the likes of Jon Snow, Jezza Paxman, Kirsty Wark, Krishnan Guru-Whatsit, and the deeply unpleasant Gavin Esler (is it only me, or does Gavin also remind you of an unnatural liaison between a merekat and an emu?) show us, the BNP opposing bots have their facilitators in the media, and we can be sure that we will not get through the next 18 days without some planted , "baby eating racists" lie about the BNP appearing in the press, or more posed pictures of UAF plants pretending to be BNP Supporters making Nazi salutes appearing the News of the Screws or in Piers Morgan's old PhotoShop gallery the Daily Mirror.

The BNP must be ready for these and be able to counter and correct every allegation, immediately and through every legal means they have at hand.

Be under no illusion, the seas will become very choppy over the next two and a half weeks and the sharks will continue to circle, despite the current high farce at Westminster.

Even when you finally reach the shore on polling day, there will still be a dark and unpleasant shape lurking in the shallows, and that is electoral fraud. Vote rigging has long been a huge problem in Asia, Africa and the rest of the third world (okay and Chicago) and it is one which has now been imported into this country.

A figure heavily suppressed by the media is the 400,000 votes cast during the London Mayoral elections last May, which were officially designated as “spoilt” and, therefore, not included in the count. I am going to repeat that figure, 400,000 (FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND) ... how the f...? As the BNP asked afterwards “Was Robert Mugabe in town last Thursday?”

How many of those 400,000 do you think were for the British National Party? Indeed are you in any doubt that, if the authorities believed they could have got away with claiming that another 130,000 voters spoilt their ballots. Richard Barnbrook would not today have his seat on the London Assembly? However, that is the point, they couldn't, and that is why even the most dishonest riggers can be thwarted.

In addition to the pretend spoilt ballot scam, there is that great boost to vote rigging the postal vote with which the BNP will also have to contend, but that too can be overcome.

The dirty tricks they will inevitably try against us (and already are trying) can be beaten, and the key to doing so is with numbers. As we saw recently in Ukraine, and only last year in Zimbabwe, even the most outrageously rigged systems can be beaten if enough people vote against them. Even with what is going on, we are unlikely to see similar numbers voting against the riggers here as seen in Ukraine or Zimbabwe, our country is not yet in a similar state (give it ten years) however the same principle applies, a 15% vote is harder to hide than a 10% one, and a 20% one harder still.

It is a cliché to say that every vote counts but in this election it is true. If you are reading this and you are not a Searchlight bot, then vote BNP or shame on you, you deserve to live in the Hell which our current rulers are preparing for you. If you have the courage and it will not put you at risk, tell your friends that you are going to vote BNP, and why you are going to vote BNP, if they start repeating the old lies which they have been told about hate and Nazis, tell them to look at the BNP website or watch BNP TV and ask themselves who are the real haters and who are the real Nazis, the BNP or those spreading lies about them?.

Some friends may turn against you and that will be hard, but in time most will come round, and, if the don't they are brainwashed sheep who were never your friends any way.

Once again if you can do so without putting your career, your own safety or that of your family at risk then show your support for the BNP publicly, so that people can see that the party is not mafe up of the knuckle dragging thugs as the media like to pretend.

You face a huge challenge, but it is also a huge opportunity, and if you succeed things will never be quite the same again. Imagine how you will feel on June 5th if you wake up to find that there is even one BNP MEP, let alone five or ten or who knows. If that doesn't work for you, then just imagine how the fuzzy Searchlight bot will feel when he wakes up to such a result.

There will be other chances, the country has not yet reached low to which the Lib/Lab/Con disaster will eventually take us, but even a modest victory on June 4th will change everything and the salvation of our country will have begun.

The Searchlight bots and sleepers know it, and that is why they will go into over drive in the next 18 days, but they can be defeated, it only needs enough of us to decide to do so.