Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Liberal Democrats and Islam

I cannot believe I missed seeing the above video or reading about the Global Peace and Unity Conference that took place in October 2008 that was organised by the Islam Channel. Where was I? Was I in hospital? Did I have my head buried in the sand?

OK, brief background to this story. I received a link to a short video clip of poor quality that you can view here from angelboo2008 which is taken from the full speech above that i later tracked down.

Well to say I was shocked and enraged would be an understatement. I refused to believe what I was listening to and looking at. I honestly thought it was a wind up or another attempt to set me up.

So I tracked down the full video and details of the event that really did happen. When you see the video, you can understand why Simon Huges, Liberal Democrat MP received a special award from the Muslim Council of Britain for speaking his treason.

Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat MP for North Southwark and Bermondsey, was among the politicians who received a special award from the Muslim Council of Britain for principled defence of the Muslim community.
I recommend you watch all the video, but the real vomit inducing (and you will vomit) treason starts at 5.50 minutes in. But watch it all.

In the speech you will here this madman from the Liberal Democrats tell the Moslem audience that all countries are theirs and that WE WANT THEM TO BE OUR LEADERS. WE NEED THEM TO LEAD OUR POLITICS.

I could not watch any more. Someone please tell me this madman was locked up afterwards. When he started spouting Inshallah or some other dogs vomit, I almost picked up my laptop and threw it across the room.

Damn Simon Huges and Damn all those who vote Liberal Democrat to hell.