Thursday, 28 May 2009

UK Jobs for German Workers

by johnofgwent

In a week's time the polls will open and we will have the opportunity to tell our current political masters what we think of them. How fitting it is, therefore, to see that once again the future of British workers is being decided not by the workers, or even their employers, or even our government.

Last night the GERMAN government, anxious that it would get slaughtered in an upcoming general election, sat down with bankers and the American General Motors Company Executives to discuss how best they could fund the continued operation of the "Opel" brand under which rathr a lot of Germans are gainfully employed. Germans who will round on Angela Merkel if handed the german equivalent of a P45.

This of course comes on the back of Sarkosy's decision to fund French jobs for French workers by offering subsidies to French car companies only if they agree to mothball, or permanently close, production lines established in cheap-as-chips eastern european countries and bring the production home where it can be given to French taxpayers who will be voting in due course on how well their interests have been served by their politicians.

Meanwhile Britain is prevented from making similar arrangements because to do so would be a violation of European rules, says our Prime Minister and his Price of Darkness "handler" now safely embedded in the House of Lords.

It was quite interesting to hear Mandelson's attitude to demands from Trade Unions that we ought to have a presence at that table where the jobs of British workers were being sacrified on the altar of German economic survival. Mandy rounded on the people criticising him for considering his "long and detailed telephone call" on the subject, saying they had not expressed any interest before.

You'll live to regret those words, Peter.

Our canvassers, leafleteers and activists manning the stalls up and down the country are all reporting record interest in our party and the fact that when we say "British Jobs For Britsh Workers", we mean it.

And none of those people enthusiastically engaging our activists and our candidates in debate on the streets expressed any interest before either. But they damn well are now.

Peter, you should recall the fate that befell Marie Antoinette.

She was believed to have not given a toss about the ordinary people.

In her case, a travesty of the real situation.

But in yours, I think the accusation can be quite easily proved that you don't give a toss about this country as long as your beloved European Union, the source of all your lovely income and totally unaudited expenses after you were thrown out of the government, is allowed to ride roughshod over us.

You hoped we'd forgotten, hadn't you, Peter. You hoped the fact you were thrown out government not once, but twice, and sent to Europe in hope you would be less of an embarrassment to Tony Blair had been forgotten.

Not a bit of it. Neither have we forgoten that one of the debacles that got you thrown off the Front Bench was the little matter of your fraudulent mortgage application. Something that would get most people a jail sentence.