Sunday, 17 May 2009

All Aboard For The Road To Nowhere

I wonder if anyone's checked the MOT ?
by johnofgwent

As I posted below, last night I went out and found a pub that prided itself on its real ale, and its lack of TV's and jukeboxes. I did so to avoid accidental exposure to the horror that Eurovision has become. But while there I chanced upon a newspaper - ok they call it a newspaper, I say i would use it for what it was intended but these days the ink runs a lot more easily and getting newsprint ink off one's arse is such a pain.

And the top story in this rag was the departure of the above vehicle on a month-long round-britain tour to Stop the BNP at all costs.

Well it's their right, I suppose, and as we don't go round smashing up our opposition's vehicles, and cracking open their heads with claw hammers the worst they are going to face is a penalty for driving such a vehicle inside London's Low emission zone in violation of pollution controls.

But I do think someone, somewhere, should pull this vehicle over and chack the driver's paper qualifications, the insurance, the MOT and a dozen other things. Preferebly every 100 yards or so.

But on the other hand, given that this is a month long tour and the winners at the Euro-Elections are going to be declared in three weeks time are they not, it seems the red lefties sense of timing is a little off.