Sunday, 17 May 2009

And the policeman nominated to investigate the expenses is ... Blue Clown Brunstrom

It appears an opportunity has arisen to whitewash an investigation into MP's expenses. A man supposedly aboutto resign to "administer policing" in a carribbean tax haven may find this a perfect opportunity to practice "looking the other way".

by johnofgwent

Some days you wake up and the world seems to make sense. Somedays it seems a little wierd. And some days, to rephrase Terry Pratchett, if you wrote a book about what happenned you'd never sell any - because no-one would believe you.

It seems this is fast becoming one of those weekends.

Tomorrow morning a motion of no confidence in The Speaker of the House will be brought, and if the man currently in the job has ANY sense he will walk from the field and into the pavilion for his tea and cucumber sandwiches before the umpire wags his finger. Not least because the next Speaker will not be chosen by the whips but by a secret ballot of all members.

But just when I thought a modicum of sanity was returning to the hallowed corridors of SW1A 0AA I open the BBC News web site and what do I find....

The man chosen from the ranks of the Ppolice to investigate MP's expenses is likely to be ... RICHARD BRUNSTROM. A man who announced his intent to resign from the force and was tipped to bugger off to the tax haven of Grand Cayman (which ironically does have a problem with speeding motorists).

Well, if they're giving Brunstrom the job of investigating MP's expenses, Plaid Curry will be all right. Don't forget Brunstrom gleefully accepted entry into the Gorsedd of Bards a while ago just before banning non-welsh speakers from applying to join his force.