Friday, 15 May 2009

Jo Rust and Norfolk County Council

I was curious if anybody knew the legal situation with regards to publishing your works email address on a website that advocates and incites violence.

I was also under the impression that it was illegal to use your works email address for private correspondence.

So can someone clarify the situation for me, only I see that Joanne Rust a Unison Officer, who works for Norfolk County Council has posted the following on a little read, UAF red shite site.
"Help needed on Sunday 17th May at 10:30 Outside Boots in Kings Lynn High Street

This activity will mainly be leafleting and trying to pursuade people to use their vote to stop the BNP gaining a Euro seat.

For more information & directions email"
I wonder if Wilkileaks should update their UAF email list though as the only people listed as receiving UAF emails at Norfolk Country Council are:
For those who might wish to enquire from Norfolk Count Council as to what their policy is on staff using Council allocated email addresses for personal use, they can do so by following this council contact link.

Strange isn't it how all these Councils manage to find non jobs for their "friends".

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