Sunday, 31 May 2009

Ballot Fraud and vote rigging

Time now to be brutally honest about what the British National Party is going to be up against during the period between when the polls open on Election Day on June the 4th and the The Count on the 7th of June.

The Establishment and their supporters are rotten and corrupt, from the top to the bottom. From the government ministers to their aspiring councillors and activists on the street. They will lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, attempt to bribe and anything else that is necessary for them to retain or gain power.

Do not think for one moment that they are as you and I. That words like honour, duty, freedom and love of country mean anything to these people. Those words mean nothing to them. They are alien concepts and and they will use them only to further their own aims, be they political or personal.

In two previous articles today, I published some advice from Our Party and the rules for those of us who are going to be involved during the election. Do not expect our enemies to play by the rules. Rules to them are for fools and weaklings.

It is very important that everyone knows just what is expected of them during their period of duty. They must also be able to make clear to any "officials" or the police who might attempt to intimidate them, that they know exactly what their duties and operating parameters are during the election.

If you follow this link here, it will take you to the Liars, Buggers and Thieves site and show you just some of the methods used by the enemies of democracy to thwart the will of the people.

Do not think for one moment that because most of those caught ballot rigging have been colonisers, that this type of crime is unique to them. Those caught were usually done so by colonisers from other parties who understand better than the True Brit of how the politics of corruption work and would have done the same. They do not see what they do as a crime. They see ballot rigging as just another political tool like leafleting and canvassing.

The moslems will be voting in block. Their "people" will do as they are told. Their women do not read election pamphlets, they do as they are told by their men and their men will do as their generals tell them.

Our enemies, will have in place on voting and counting day their people and they will have been instructed on what to do and they will carry out their instructions unless we are vigilant and let them see that we are watching their every move. Stand over their shoulders and let them know you are there.

Do not be distracted by their attempts to divert your attention from your duties. Ignore their insults and do not be taken in by false friendship during the time you are on duty. These people are your enemy. You must assume from the start, the very worst about them. True some may be honest but you cannot know that for a fact and so again I say, assume that they are crooked and corrupt and watch them like hawks.

Good Luck. We are counting on you to do your duty.


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