Friday, 15 May 2009

So Shahid your sand castle is being washed away

I know you have seen this already but it is worth remembering what sort of evil piece of shite the former Justice Minister Shahid Malik really is and what he saw as the future for Our Country.

His head is just amongst the first of many to tumble. The True British People are not going to be satisfied with sackings and apologies. We want their blood and we want them jailed, their assets seized and their pensions stripped from them.

The Establishment politicians are 99% rotten to the core, be they MEPs, MP's or Councillors.

There is only one party with men and women with real British Honour and that is the British National Party.

You know it or you should do by now. Join our ranks and join us now and help take us back our country from these vampires who have bled us dry and ruined our children's future. Join an support the BNP and say F++k You to those who speak against us.