Sunday, 31 May 2009

Oh no! its THEM again! The people’s popular front.

BNP Leaflet Neath 2009
5am alarm call s
ignals the start of another Saturday in the life of a BNP activist. My mind snaps awake when I realise this is it! Last weekend before the country goes to the polling station and we need to get every spare vote we can before d-day.

Quick check out the window reveals a lovely sunny day, so it’s a go situation. I then cant help but smile when I think of the target town for the day Neath! home to our old friend DAY-Glow Hain! I wondered if he would have the balls to appear in public after his expenses were exposed to us all in an ongoing saga that has changed the face of UK politics forever.

Hain had claimed £3000 from the taxpayer for heating oil for his £400,000 home and also billed us for repairing the plastic shed roof on his log store. Cant help but laugh to myself when I think of the leaflet we have in-store for the day reminding the good people of Neath of the extortionate cost we face in keeping the glow on Hain’s face. Not to mention the freebies this particular tax sucking vampire eagerly accepts.

Quick scan of the local newspaper before setting off and an article jumps from the page “anti BNP demo Saturday” surely not? I read further and all is revealed Local MP for Lie-Bore Nia Griffith of the tir-gofal funding fame and Plaids Helen Mary Jones along with the usual bunch of misfits are going to hold a ,march through the town of Llanelli.

Now surely any normal person would ask why 2 opposing parties are joining forces on the last Saturday before the EU elections are held to demonstrate against the BNP instead of canvassing their own policies? Ah I get it now, they don’t really like facing a really angry public at the moment and they also know the whole country is sick and tired of the EU and Labours rather silly lies on the promise of a referendum oooops! Sorry meant the Lisbon Treaty were not allowed to vote on.

The mind boggles at the level of fraud that goes on in this tax funded gravy train they have created against our wishes. Anyway my fellow team members arrive and we set off to Neath and we hatch a rather daring plan.

A few quick phone calls and its decided were going to take our film camera to Llanelli and ask them exactly why they cant face the public on their own merits without using the BNP as a smokescreen in the hope we will all forget about the expenses scandal brewing away daily.

We arrive at Neath and park up soon to be joined by the rest of the team, good turnout with 25 people present for the day before heading off to Llanelli we help carry the thousands of leaflets/stall and hundreds of Voice Of Freedom into town centre.

As we arrive at the centre square I spot it. A red rosette! Its Labour! And even better its our old friend from last weekend Leighton Veale. I then spot something rather unpleasant. At first I thought a dog had fouled the pavement but then realised it was a certain Andrew Fitton of the Socialist Workers Party along with some unwashed UAF members. WOW! Sod Llanelli this will be fun!

No sooner had we set up and started handing out our information to the passing public they started with the usual megaphone and tired rants (you can all guess the 2 words these people were taught at school!) but now things are different, something has changed, I see members of the public verbally abuse the pony tailed drug hazed hippy with megaphone and tell him to stop lying and that the BNP are exactly what this country needs.

I grabbed a big handful of our Hain expenses leaflets and started handing them out. Incredibly I count the people waiting for info from me 3-4-5-6-7 wow! 10 minutes gone and I need more stock! Back to the counter passing by the abusers and anti free speech crowd smiling away to myself I cant help but notice their frustration is rising at our immediate success.

They begin to panic and the ranting gets louder so we bring out our secret weapon the TV camera and start asking Mr Veale some pointed questions that he was not very comfortable with answering. Errr in fact he didn’t answer!

Selective dumbness in Labour is rife! I will not bore you with all the details of exactly what happened, you can watch the film work when we post it and draw your own conclusions but to give you an idea of just how ignorant these people are, there was a wedding in the church next to us and they didn’t even have enough respect to stop their abuse for the wedding party to enjoy their day, that is until the local police showed up and sent them packing!

Labour hung around for another fruitless hour or so looking for “weapons of mass destruction” before finally giving up and leaving looking very very dejected.

The shoe is now well and truly on the other foot and this is a party who’s members know that the end is near for them. We have two film crews present from BBC and ITV and the BBC crew are gobsmacked at the level of BNP support.

We carry on till 2pm when the last of many thousands of leaflets has disappeared and after baking in hot sun all day we retire to a local pub to wind down and chat about the events of this “day of days” one things for sure, its all looking good for Brussels!

Roger Phillips
BNP Wales Tv

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