Wednesday, 20 May 2009

British Jobs for British Workers - Breaking News

WORKERS at Aberthaw Power Station joined hundreds of contract workers across the country to stage a wildcat strike over the hiring of foreign labour.

The unofficial action started at the LNG site after strikers complained that an agreement by contractors to offer jobs to local labour had been broken when a contractor hired around 50 Polish workers.


HUNDREDS of protestors at oil refineries in Killingholme are causing traffic chaos, blocking all roads into the LOR and ConocoPhilips - including the A160.

It is also rumoured a fringe group of regional protesters are planning to block the M62.

As reported, the contractors have downed-tools in support of colleagues at the Liquid Natural Gas Terminal, Milford Haven, who have walked out in protest at the use of foreign labour.Source

Only the British National Party says what it means and means what is says.

British Jobs For British Workers

Wake up and smell the coffee on June 4th and vote BNP. Work or dole. Your choice.

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