Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Daily Mirror is about to get spanked

How long before the above is replaced by
Page not Found?

When the fat pig Robert Maxwell, who owned the Daily Mirror faked his own suicide and ran off with his workers pension money, he left behind a newspaper practised in deceit and publishing lies.

Today, this once proud newspaper of the War years, now as a readership only slightly larger than that of the "Brick and Breeze Block Watcher" a monthly magazine for people who like to look at bricks and breeze blocks decay over time.

In a desperate attempt to compete with their rival rag, the scum Sun, for being lying rag of the week, they also have done as instructed by the communist run Searchlight organisation and published a complete lie, by stating that some deranged product of the new system was a British National Party member.

Again, the evidence is there for those who look for the truth. The smoking gun can be seen at the end of their deliberate smear. Best view it soon, as like the scum Sun, there will soon be a Page Not Found message being displayed.
Our Hope not Hate bus yesterday hit Coventry - destroyed by Nazi bombers in WWII. And special issues showing BNP candidate Simon Darby getting Hitler salutes in Italy reminded locals of the peril of voting for racists.
Now we already know that the person giving a Nazi salute as Simon Darby walked by, was allegedly put up to the job by Searchlight, who had flown the photographer out to Europe where the snap was taken. I also understand that this person may be prepared to come forward for the right price but I cannot yet corroborate that part of the story.

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But what I can tell you is this. Hope not Hate, as you can see from following the link or looking at the above image is owned by Searchlight and used as a false flag to disguise their communist roots from people gullible enough to fall for their lies.

Now regardless of whether you are a supporter of the British National Party or not, if you believe that the press should only print the truth, then follow this link and make a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission.

Do your bit now for truth and justice. Not later but now please.