Friday, 15 May 2009

Quick call the police. The BNP sent me an election leaflet

Same to you Reg

Reg Shaw
. I like that name Reg. Reggie? Reginald? Ronald? Ron? Reginald means Power or force according to my boys list of names.

I suppose it should really stand for "give us a laugh" and Reg Shaw has certainly provided me with one this morning.

Poor Reg spat his dummy out and ran around to his local police station(it was open?) when a British National Party leaflet smashed its way through his door and made a mess on his doormat.

Finally after reading the leaflet for the tenth time he found something to offend him.
"The leaflet said the European elections were the 'new Battle of Britain'. It had pictures of white families on it and had a list of all of the country's military battles on it in history.

"It's horrible and I find it offensive because I come from a military family. I also find it offensive because my wife is black and American
God how terrible. Pictures of white families. Yuk. How offensive. Reg sounds as if he should be sitting in the Welsh Assembly, where they are also offended by "white faces".
"When I sit in my chair in our new debating chamber, I am ashamed when I look out and see before me a sea of white faces.

"Not having representatives from the BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) communities is just as bad as it would be if there were no women AMs or no AMs who could speak Welsh.
Lord Ellis Thomas of Plaid Cymru”
So Reg is from a military family is he? Does that means he has served his country himself? I doubt it.

Do us all a favour Reg. Bugger of somewhere and grow up and stop wasting police time you stupid Muppet.

Does anybody know what company Reg is a sales rep for? I do not wish to buy anything from a company that employs cretins like Reg.


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