Thursday, 21 May 2009

Matthew Wright and the BNP

In the above video clip, that was taken from this mornings edition of The Wright Stuff, shown on Channel Five, the pug ugly Matthew Wright slandered the British National Party and implied that its Chairman Nick Griffin and London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook were having an homosexual affair.

His disgusting comments and lies were nothing more than a deliberate attempt to influence the voting public in the coming European Elections and you can bet that the BNP will not allow him to walk away from these comments without paying a heavy price.

Wright, a former Daily Mirror liar journalist, who once had to pay actor David Soul libel damages of £20,000 after saying: "without doubt the worst West End show," without even seeing the show that Soul was starring in, is in for another financial slap once Operation Fightback finishes with him.

Meanwhile though you can complain yourself by contacting Channel Five.

Viewers can contact Customer Services to make a complaint to a Viewer Advisor. Five takes all viewer's comments and complaints very seriously.
Shall we find out if they mean it?

Customer Services
22 Long Acre

08457 050505
020 7421 7270