Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Apathetic Union members continue to support illegal Wars

In a previous article, entitled Ten Good Reasons for electing a BNP Councillor, I made you aware of the part that the trade union USDAW was playing in a Third Party campaign to assist the Labour Party in attacking the patriotic British National Party.

When I wrote that article in March, I was aware that USDAW is a signatory to the violent claw hammer gang, the UAF, the militant wing of The Establishment but I was not aware until today, just how much of their members subscription money was being channelled into the Labour Party.

Despite admitting on their web site, that it had been a very bad year for their membership with tens of thousands of them losing their jobs to overseas and the recession, they still managed to donate in the first three months of this year, over 3/4 of a million pounds to the political party that is still sending Our Troops off to die in illegal wars.

If you are a USDAW member who has not opted out of the political levy, then the blood of those dead and wounded servicemen and women is on your hands. Hang your head in shame.

And just what was this about?

Meanwhile, five political parties received £2.1m in public funds, according to the Commission.

Why? Typical BBC. Half a story again. I want to know which political parties and why? Do you know?

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