Sunday, 31 May 2009

Labour MP makes expenses claim for Donation at Battle Of Britain Memorial Service

by johnofgwent

It seems to me that not a day goes by without my hearing of Labour politicians fighting each other in their rush to stoop to a new low in their attitude to our armed forces and past and present.

When they aren't sending our people out to die in Afghanistan and Iran without body armour, or in Snatch Landrovers incapable of protecting the occupants from being shredded by Taliban roadside bombs, they're busy preventing merchant seamen who survived the convoys marching to commemorate those for whom their "final resting palce" is a restless bed of an angry sea, whilst all the time ensuring the "enrichers" of our society have the right to march, carrying banners demanding those who insult islam be beheaded down the very same roads as our merchant seamen are prevented from marching along.

And who can forget Rhodri Morgan's decision to go and have a cosy chat about the Ryder Cup coming to "The Usk Valley" when his rightful place should have been on a Normandy beach, head hung down in respect for those who paid the ultimate price to allow this strutting peacock to blather on in his hot air pit in Cardiff Bay.

But now comes news of what has to be the ultimate contemtible act.

Over here you can read of how Labour MP for Stockton On Tees Frank Cook tried to claim back as a Parliamentary Expense the five pounds he decided to "donate" at a Battle Of Britain Memorial Service in his constituency.

For some reason the Fees Office actually decided to reject his claim. My God, there are some things even they decide are a junket too far.

For some reason that totally escapes me, Cook has been pictured in camouflage battledress in the newspaper article above. For behaving like that he should be flown straight to a Taliban battle zone and left there with nothing to defend himself with other than a limp pece of celery. That should give him the time he so obviously needs to reflect on why that collection was being made.