Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Cameron on funny black costumes

Look. Pigs dressed as people in funny black costumes.
(The jackets are actually Oxford blue)

I do not know why but I found the following comment by the Dhimmi traitor, UAF supporter and Rupert Murdoch lapdog, David Cameron quite funny. He said it when referring to the crooked Speaker of the House, mad "Gorbals" Mick Martin.
"They want to elect a new parliament," he told BBC radio. "Their view is that swapping one person in a funny black costume for another funny black costume is not actually going to make all the difference."
No more funnier than replacing one piece of shite called Blair with another piece of shite called Cameron, who will carry on, where Bliar and Brown left off. So did you spot David in his funny black costume?

Personally I find nothing funny about our history and traditions and neither do I find anything funny about those like Cameron who would debase it.

By the way, last year Cameron pocketed £420,303 of taxpayers money for being a muppet.