Friday, 29 May 2009

Searchlight, Clear Channel and the BNP

In the article entitled, "Is Blue State Digital ripping of Hope not Hate?", I showed you evidence of The Daily Mirror and the yankee company Blue State Digitals involvement with Searchlight, the state funded organisation that is run by the convicted communist criminal Gerry "Unstable" Gable.

The article went on to report that Searchlight, angered at the success of the patriotic British National Party billboard campaign, had set up on their site, an online form that the rare visitors to the dive could fill in and an electronic letter of complaint, then be sent onto Clear Channel, the company that owns the billboard sites.

I also told you, that the figures showing the numbers of emails send had been "massaged" to show a much higher figure than Searchlights wild boasts warranted.
In under 90 minutes over 1000 emails have been sent to Clear Channel. We’ve had to double our target to 2000 messages – send your message now!
Now Searchlight are claiming that Clear Channel has been deluged with with letters calling on them to rip up their contract with the BNP and submit to political intimidation.
Campaign group Searchlight says over 4,000 letters were sent to the company by its supporters over the bank holiday weekend, and it was less than 500 letters short of its 7,000 target this morning (May 28).
However, the truth as usual when dealing with Searchlight is somewhat different. A Clear Channel spokeswoman says that the number of complaints received was actually less than one hundred letters.

Less than one hundred letters. But that about sums up the real support for this organisation that the press allows to insult their readers with every day by quoting Searchlight, as if Gerry's butt was the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom, instead of an evil, puss spewing ulcer of lies.

Hats of though to Clear Water who said that it was not for them to "censor" messages that are legal or and I liked this bit, or "bow to pressure from lobby groups and activists."

You can send Clear Channel a letter of thanks for their support of freedom of speech by going here.

Good morning BNP.

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