Tuesday, 26 May 2009

How to attack the BNP by The Sun

Honestly, the quality of those communist NUJ journalists is pathetic. It is only matched by the stupidity of their editors.

Having just read their latest attempted smear in The Sun, I pictured the scene prior to them going to print.

There they were discussing the best way to attack the British National Party, when one dimmer than the rest of them said, "I know lets have a go at them using Winston Churchill in their European Election Broadcast."

Brilliant said the editor, just brilliant. But I have a better idea. Lets publish a link to the video so our readership(I use the word readership loosely) can see it for themselves.

Your really great Sir, the lick spittles roared, rising to their feet and wildly applauding the Cretin of the Century who has just published to a readership of over 3 million, a link to probably the finest and best political party broadcast ever made.

What will be their next brilliant move? Give Nick Griffin, the Chairman of the BNP, his own column?

I always like to start the day with a laugh and as usual The Sun provides one.

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