Friday, 22 May 2009

Proving Setting Up The EEC in 1957 was a smokescreen for a single European State

by johnofgwent

I have just spent an hour and a half retrieving the evidence that the six plenipotentiaries who signed the 1957 treaty of rome establishing the original european economic community plotted all along to give us a european superstate. I feel as drained as Douglas Adam's character Arthur Dent did after he finally found the plans to demolish his home. And the full sorry story is outlined on this message on the ukdebate web site. PLEASE PLEASE read it, it shows you the depths to which one has to go to find the truth.

Our political masters have a nasty habit predicted by George Owwell in his masterpiece "1984". The scum keep rewriting history. Every time there is another vote in the EU they change all the treaties (they call it consolidating) so it looks like they always said that. How did Orwell put it ? "We've always been at war with Eurasia" I think it was. If you do not believe me, let us go on a journey.

Start here to get a summary and overview of what happenned before we gird ourselves for a spot of undercover espoionage. Now go here to knock on the EU library front door. Here you see the problem. There is a freely available "consolidated treaty" which makes it look like we said it like this all along, but there is also a link to a summary page where you can "order" a copy of the original treaty. I will show you how to get it, free, but you may have trouble understanding the language.

Let's do it. Click here and please note the words at the top of the page "UNITING EUROPE STEP BY STEP". (One day we will need to re-open the court at Nuremberg). Read the text here and you see the truth already, but this is just the output of a blogger paid in euros by a corrupt commission. I want the truth that the scum sold us out in 1957. So on we go. At the bottom of the page, you will see evidence that the original treaty was never published in any official journal, unlike all the revisions. Why Not ? Too hard to hide the truth if it's in a EU Journal !!

Now let's go on. Click the link that says ...For further information: full text of the EEC Treaty.

Oh dear. This says "The requested page does not exist any more. It has been completely integrated into \treaties\index.htm, making our collection of treaties more easily searchable. Please update your bookmarks."

Eighteen months ago that link gave you a whole list of files. It seems the revisionists have struck. But let us see what damage has been done. Click the link and you get taken to this page which claims to list the Founding Treaties linclusing the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (1957)" Don't bother clicking that. It gives you 17MB of blank paper with a title sheet written in English claiming to be the treaty. There were no englishmen at the signing !!!

So that's it then, the end of the line ?

NO. But now we beat these scum at their own game. We switch to the language of my ancestors who settled across the channel after sailing south and beating the crap out of King Rollo. The language of love,. The language of proper poetry. And the language of the gallic shrug (!) Oui, mes amis. Il faut parle francais. Actually sod that I speak it faster than I can write it. But you get the hint. I

SO Back a few pages and this time we do it in french. Ooh La La. Start here the french equivalent of the treaty sumamry page. Click the FRENCH Pour de plus amples informations : Texte intégral du traité CEE and .... Ooh La La. A page listing TIFF and PDF files, scans of the original 1957 document. Grab the "preambule" (this one) and read page seven

Now then ... YOU tell ME what "Determinee a etablir les fondements d'une union sans cesse plus etroite entre les peuples europeens" means.

I already know, of course. But in case any of the scum Europhiles try to tell you otherwise you might like to grab that file, print off page seven and invite them to use it to wipe their arse next time they visit "the littlest room".