Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cameron starts to lose it

The spoilt brat spits his dummy out

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But not Diddy David Cameron, when the going gets tough he cracks like an egg sat on by John Prescott.

Admitting that many people were angry at the main parties over their theft of our money he urged them to keep on voting for more of the same by not voting for the patriotic British National Party. Does he think we are as stupid at the morons who authorised his expenses?

David, who is getting to remind me more and more of that bigger turd, Tony Blair, does not know what it is like to hunt around for two for one special offers in the cheap supermarkets, his party wants to stop these offers because they think they encourage us to eat too much. And whilst some of us drink .25p Somerfield Specials, he quaffs Perrier-Jouet whilst watching workmen earn £700 of their our money for pruning his wisteria.

David showed his unfitness to govern when he lost the plot over a reasonable question from a member of the public at the Bath and West show in Shepton Mallet who said that the BNP "have a point when it comes to immigration".

Cameron, instead of giving a reasonable reply, snarled at the lost vote:
"Go and have a look at what the BNP have said. Do not be naive about what these people stand for.

"They dress up in a suit and knock on your door in a nice way but they are still Nazi thugs".

No David, you are the only one who dresses up in silly costume and make stupid replies because you have not got the courage to tell the truth.
"There is a proper national debate that we should have about immigration. I want us to limit the number of people coming to Britain, but do not believe that the way to beat the BNP is to half agree with them.
The time for having a debate is over David. It is too late to talk about immigration. The invasion barges emptied years ago. They are not on the beaches any more, they are in our towns and cities and we have already lost most of them to the colonisers. I doubt we will ever recover them because of scum like you but we WILL bring you to justice.

David Cameron is a major signatory to the violent Claw Hammer gang also known as the UAF. When are the press going to ask him about that and whether he condones their attacks on people and property of people exercising their democratic right to support a legal and patriotic political party.

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