Sunday, 17 May 2009

Some news about Caerphilly MP Wayne David

By Informer.

Following the expose of chocolate gobbling Sian James in a previous article I have done a bit of research on Caerphilly MP Wayne David
After being parachuted into a 'safe' Labour seat once odiously occupied by a person whose hobbies included wallowing around in muddy commons and carparks with even muddier intent Mr David said with great aplomb and foresight,

"Supporting a government which has created a strong and fair economy and given Britain a leading role in the EU, and in promoting third world development."

All very wonderful Mr David, but what have you actually done for the people of Caerphilly?

Here are some choice snippets from your Parliamentary voting record:

Identity cards - For
Foxhunting ban - For
University tuition fees - For
Iraq war - For military action
An all elected House of Lords - For
Proposal calling for a fully appointed House of Lords - For
Adoption by unmarried and gay couples - For

Lots of stuff there for your constituents to benefit from eh, and all against public opinion.

Then of course you:

Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
Voted very strongly for equal gay rights.
Voted moderately against a transparent Parliament.

Again NOT what the public want either.

Mr David who in all of his 51 years has only really worked gainfully for 2 which were as a teacher claimed the grand total of £149,036 in expenses last year on top of his substantial wages.

Of this huge sum;
Additional Costs Allowance: a cool £22,700
Incidental Expenses Provision: another cool £13,171
Staffing Allowance: a very cool £97,670
Members' Travel: an extaordinally cool £10,873

Now then, although much of this extra dosh is allowed to be claimed by parliament there are no real checks on how it is spent.

What exactly are Additional Costs?
Another strange one is the Incidental expenses provision.
Nearly 100k grand on staff? Come off it.
How much of the above is spent to benefit the people of Caerphilly. I bet that very little has. It will have have gone on managing his unbelievable travelling arragements and other important things like promoting the Labour Party.
And on the question of nearly 11 grand on travelling? Pull the other one mate. That's over 40 greenbacks for every working day. Poor fellow must spend his life on a blinking train!