Sunday, 24 May 2009

When two tribes go to war!

Our brothers and sisters of BNP South Wales

By Roger Phillips, BNP Wales

5am Saturday morning alarm wakes me up for another day of action. Weather looks good so its on for the day just got time to check my emails then read my favourite blogs over a fresh coffee and cigar before meeting my fellow activists from South Wales BNP for the journey to the target town.

A new venue for us today, deep into enemy territory, I was wondering to myself what kind of welcome lay ahead as we drove to the lovely market town of Haverford West.

On arrival we park up in the NCP carpark and I spot another car full of activists arrive. The Swansea boys are here as usual, good dependable guys led by our EU candidate Clive Bennet.

After the usual handshakes and hellos mixed in with some banter we make our way through the town armed with our table top sale equipment to meet our West Wales team members in the chosen location.

Hope we are all remembering to boycott Subway

We arrive in the square at centre of town and I see some other familiar faces in the coffee shop, Its Brian Mahony, Jenny Noble and Councillor Kevin Edwards plus a new face that I was pleased to see our newest Councillor Meirion Bowen on his first day of action.

Joined by the others, we quickly set up stall and before I knew it I was approached by a member of the public requesting information and asking if we had a candidate standing in the town.

Brian Mahony arrives at stall armed with some goodies in the way of big bundles of Freedom newspapers and the awesome new Punish the Pigs leaflets.

Splitting into 2 teams for the usual twin headed attack strategy of table sale and leafleting teams I started about my work impressed by the new leaflets when I spotted it. A RED rosette! Then another, then another. It was Labour!

And they somewhat foolishly set up right next to the BNP team. I chuckled to myself as I thought it was unusual for TAX sucking vampires to appear in daylight! I also noticed that 2 of the 3 vampires present had removed the Labour disc from centre of the rosette? A sign, maybe of wanting to avoid any confrontation with the public in light of the recent daylight robbery of the tax payers hard earned money?

As I started handing out leaflets to the public I was approached by the female vampire otherwise known as Joyce Watson Welsh assembly member for Mid/West Wales. Unable even to be polite, she showed her true colours by saying she thought I was disgusting and that her dad had fought in the war for 5 years (on whose side?) to which I politely replied that her dad must be really disappointed to see her involved in a party responsible for starting wars that have so far killed 650,000 and still counting and whether she could tell me where the “weapons of mass destruction” actually were?

She walked away muttering abuse, so I guessed we would be in for an interesting day. For an AM, I must say how shocked I was when this unpleasant individual spent most of her time glaring at myself and my fellow BNP members but I suppose we had somewhat ruined her plans by turning up in a town where she probably least expected to see us.

As more of the public began to arrive I chuckled as I watched the “3 stooges” attempt to hand out literature only to be refused and even abused by people.

No problems here though, as I keep going back to table for more leaflets, so fast are they being taken from me by the public and I am pleasantly pleased to see a dozen or so members of the public engaged in conversation with our BNP activists around the stall, while I look down the square at three rather sheepish looking Labour activists.

By now the town was getting very busy and the presence of 2 opposing sides began to draw the interest of passing tourists and locals.

Many of the crowd, were shouting at the the three Labour members and I even heard some comments regarding assisted suicide!

The public are in a very angry mood and things are looking good for polling day. For those reading this article I would suggest you contact your organiser today and join in the campaigning to see for yourselves how recent exposures have damaged the credibility of the so called “Big Three” parties.

I am then approached by our councillor, Kevin Edwards who informs me that one of the Vampires has been recognised as a certain Leighton Veale and he has some interesting information to put to Mr Veale.

We decide that this should be on film and our fund holder Mike Green and councillor Kevin approached them for a filmed interview the results of which I wont spoil but will be available for all to see here later.

I will just say for now that Joyce Watson was not amused by us asking some perfectly legitimate questions. After they realised we had a film camera the three vampires/stooges decided to beat a hasty retreat when one of them told me they were “going for lunch” no doubt that will cost both you and I a small fortune as usual!

Before they left I witnessed the most unprofessional behaviour I have ever seen from an elected politician. Our councillor Kevin Edwards was engaged in conversation with yet another supportive member of the public when Joyce Watson barged between them and thrust a labour newspaper into the gentleman’s hand shouting “read this before you make a big mistake!” I will not print the whole reply that she received from the guy but I will say the second word was OFF!

The leafleting team arrive back after lunch having swamped the town with well over 2000 “Punish the Pigs” and plenty of Freedoms, we decide to pack up for a well deserved pint or 3!

It is worth noting that we were in an area that has yet to be enriched and is/was a labour stronghold, so what we saw and heard yesterday can only be down to the public anger at the recent expenses scandal. Looks like we will be in Brussels soon!

Footnote by Green Arrow

It might interest you to know Roger, that European Election candidate, Leighton Veale is a "absentee" Labour councillor who has been criticised by his own group leader in London. Veale draws £8,200 a year for doing nothing in London whilst working for a "charity" in Cardiff.

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