Sunday, 24 May 2009

British Graduates Told "Go Abroad There's Bugger All For You Here"

by johnofgwent

We all know the truth of course, but it's nice, once in a while, to see the bums that currently warm the seats of power that we will soon occupy getting dragged kicking and screaming to the dock in the court of public opinon to be charged with royally screwing up.

So today the newest crop of britain's most academically able adults (my youngest daughter included) sit at home, their first ever polling card having recently been delivered, and try to enjoy this bank holiday knowing that when it ends they must go out and do battle in the 'A' level examination hall.

And equally, up and down the country, young adults three, four, or five years their senior (depending on their choice of degree subject) contemplate the late spring sunshine knowing they too have an appointment in an examination hall, which must surely lead to an invitation to put on a strange cloak and a very silly hat and go stand in a large hall full of similarly dressed people to collect the passport to a decent, highly paid, professional career they have fought tooth and nail to get, and for which they have amassed a personal debt that not even bankruptcy will rid them of which in my day, when I stood in such a hall, would have been more than enough to buy a four bedroomed house outright.

So what heartwarming message has our government for these new voters at this time. What words of encouragement have they to say to those who have worked their arses off in mcdonalds to pay their way through college in New Labours "Pay-And-Amass-Debt-Too As You Learn" Society. what have they to say to those who seek some comfort that all the struggle and all the debt was worthwhile ?

Not a lot, really.

David Lammy has nothing to offer British Graduates.

The only "graduates" he has any interest in helping
are from places like this

Over on the BBC News Website you can find the advice of Mr David Lammy, "Universities Minister". It is to piss off abroad where you might be able to find someone willing to make use of you as a volunteer until the recession improves.

Lammy of course hasn't exactly had it tough himself. If you pop over to his wikipedia page you find the details of how he first exploited the state sponsored destruction of our education system to his advantage, playing the "coloured kid of a single parent" card to get the Inner London Education Authority to pay his way into "The King's School at Peterborough", an establishment forced to abandon its grammar school status while allowing Lammy to board their under this rather interesting scolarship. Having taken them for everything he could cream off, he played his colour card again to get himself a cushy entrance to the London School of Oriental and African Studies where in due course a law degree fell off a shelf into his lap.

So one might think a man who has so profited from the education and academic success heaped upon him might be up for defending the career prospects of those who have followed the advice of his government and collected themselves a mickey mouse degree and huge debt on the side in order to artificially reduce unemployment figures.

Not a bit of it. The best he can say is
"It's right to say that we live in a global market place, opportunities abroad can add to your skills and sometimes your language skills. And volunteering is always something that's attractive to employers."
I don't often suggest forcing your children to sit down and read political comment sites. But for this article I am going to make an exception. I think every single A level student and undergraduate with a polling card in their hand or on its way should be told what this piece of shit has to say about the shambles hios government has left them in.