Friday, 22 May 2009

Salford City Council result 21st May

Garry Tumulty

Ok. Good morning BNP. Here are the full results and my personal take on the results of the Irwell Riverside ward for Salford City Council.

First the bad news. We did not win. But there will be some good news.
  1. Lab MOLD Matt 606 37.6% -13.3%
  2. LDems MIDDLETON Steven 293 18.2% -1.1%
  3. BNP TUMULTY Gary 276 17.1% +3.7%
  4. Cons BATES Chris 189 11.7% -4.7%
  5. Green MITCHELL Rob 125 7.8% +7.8%
  6. UKIP O’DWYER Duran 123 7.6% +7.6%

As to be expected in a ward with an high number of students, the turnout was a low 17.5% but the results bode well for the British National Party in the European Elections. I calculate that 17% of the vote in the region would return us two MEPs.

Also of interest is the fact that we beat both UKIP and the conservatives and those who voted for them should realise that come the European Elections their continued support for those parties would be wasted votes and so they should now switch their support to the BNP.

I will not hide the fact that I am disappointed that despite seeing a decrease in the Labour votes, I note that there are still people who are prepared to vote for a corrupt and crooked government that continues to get our young servicemen killed in illegals wars. Some people will always be sheep and will remain sheep until their throats are slit and they become dead sheep.

So overall a great result for Gary Tumulty and his campaign team who worked exceptionally hard in a very difficult area. Proud of you all kinsmen.

Whilst here, I might as well tell you about my morning. Having to be on the road early, I was up at 03:40 and wished to post the Salford results before doing some other tasks and so at that time, I was most surprised to find another BNP activist about.

James Jackman - early bird patriot

It was 23 year old, James Jackman, the Pendle in Lancashire Deputy Organiser and so giving him a "nudge" I asked him what he thought of the results. Like myself he was very pleased and then I asked him why he was up and about at this time in the morning. I was impressed, very impressed with his reply.

James has taken it upon himself to phone and visit postal sorting offices within his area to ensure they were doing their job with regards to our Election Leaflets being delivered and to see if they had experienced any "problems".

By the time I had finished "chatting" he had contacted Wetherby, Keighley, Colne & Barnoldswick offices with positive results. Perhaps James, if you read this, you might let us know how you fared with the other offices you mentioned and their attitude towards your questioning?

Then I asked him the same question I ask all my brothers and sisters in the British National Party. "What made you join the BNP". I paste his reply.
"I was fed up with the way the political parties were destroying our country. I looked over the policies of every one of them and found the polices of the BNP were exactly what I thought. I also liked their ideas for rebuilding our country. My grandfather was in the 7th armoured brigade and I guess now I am also fighting to prevent my country from being invaded. Why are you asking me all these questions?"
Now you know why James. It's my self imposed job. Pleasure chatting to you kinsman and thank you for giving me permission to write about you. Proud of you also.


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