Thursday, 28 May 2009

Eddie Lizard having a laugh

You are one sick puppy Eddie. Did you know that?

I really liked the response from North West British National Party organiser Clive Jefferson, when responding to an an attack by the perverted lizard, Eddie Izzard, a D list comedian who makes a living by poking fun at God and Jesus whilst strutting around stage dressed as an overweight hooker with hair all over. Stomach churning stuff, I tell you.

The sad, sick man!!, Izzard who likes to wear a pair of false breasts, told Lancashire voters they will be going to war against fascism when they go to the polls next week. Clive came back with;
"This is yet more nonsense about D-Day from a D-list semi-celebrity. He must be a comedian because he's given me a laugh."
But here is the bit I liked, that was at the end of the article. "The comic later performed an intimate show to 450 people... to cover his expenses for the trip" up to Lancaster. The tickets were £20 each and brought in a nice cool £9,000 for Eddies day out. Not so much a comedian as a conman.

And what is an "intimate show"? Let us hope it is nothing like an "intimate act". That would be too much to imagine, even for a battle hardened blogger like myself. Skin crawl.

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