Saturday, 30 May 2009

What the Mirror calls a "Racist Rant"

Cracked mirror

According to today's Daily Mirror Nick Griffin was guilty of "A racist rant" against the boxer Amir Khan when he said:

"Perhaps we will lose one good boxer, but there are more important things."

One is tempted to ask, if that is a "racist rant" what the f##k isn't a racist rant?

This is now becoming pathetic, the controlled media is now so desperate, what fake stories will they come up with next?:

BNP man has Nazi hamster

BNP Assembly member Richard Barnbrook's pet raises paw in "Heil Hitler" salute
(posed by Classically trained Hamster model)

BNP the "Lithuanian" connection

Picture of Vilnius with rather Nazi looking wind-cocks

Internet users have reacted in horror to note the prominent use of the colours blue, red and yellow on the evil. nasty, racist BNP website, coulors widely connected with the sinister Lithuanian Nazi group "Booteezi Black Bottomzkees". The connection is even more sinister as the Mirror can reveal that someone who once voted BNP has an aunt called Mavis who attended a hen night in Vilnius, where only white male strippers performed!!!

Incidentally, anyone who tried to leave a comment on the Nick Griffin story at the Mirror site on Saturday, will have found they are not taking comments. I wonder why?!!!!

This is Sarah Albion reporting from Fantasy Land UK!!