Thursday, 21 May 2009

BNP: South Wales BNP visit Caerphilly

South Wales BNP had a very warm reception in Caerphilly. MP Wayne David, could do nothing but run scared from South Wales BNP Camera Crew, when they attempt to question him about the £233,644 he sucked up in expenses last year, on top of his £94,228 salary. You would be surprised how fast a pig can run.

Punish the Pigs
Vote BNP on June 4th

Please go here, rate and leave a comment for Anthony. I loved the bit with the children collecting.

He deserves a bit of praise now again:)

Usually it is our front man Roger who gets the applause but it is A who make him look good:)

As an aside, checkout what you get when you search "Green Arrow" on Google

Also the search return for "Hazel Blears" on Google