Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Hmmm. Where is my report on the Wales BNP day of action in Haverford West? Roger Phillips of BNPtv Wales said I would have it first thing this morning.

Actually he is writing it whilst I type and he tells me he has some images also. Later today he assures me there will be film footage, including some good shots of BNP Councillor and European Candidate Kevin Edwards having a crack at a Labour politician.

Well I have to fill the gap somehow, so what with? A rant. Yes a good bloody, angry rant at the world. That usually cheers me on these miserable days when the sun is shining and I have to close the curtains. Ping. Here's Rogers mail and images arriving. Sorry mate you will have to wait. I have started so I will finish.

Right, now here is a question. Who Guards the Guard? Who makes sure, that when I have overstepped the mark and written something in the heat of the moment that is probably unsuitable for those without a military sense of humour, that I either edit or pull an article?

Well for me, it is my friend and fellow blogger, Sarah: Maid of Albion. After Sarah, there is the big stick in the shape of D. When he puts me back in my box he really puts me back in my box but I would not have it any other way. We have seen what damage words can do.

Now Sarah and other think that I may, and I stress the word may, have gone too far in suggesting that MPs top themselves in various ways after being exposed as liars, crooks, corrupt creatures of the dark. She felt that the red shite sites might twist the meaning of the words and not realise that the article was written with a tongue firmly embedded in my cheek. But was my tongue in my cheek or did I really wish these people dead?

You will have to read the article yourself and see if you think I was joking.

But I do know that these crooked and corrupt politicians who live in their homes that look like Balmoral are responsible for the deaths of almost a million Iraqis and to me, even worse, the deaths of hundreds of our servicemen in their illegal wars.

I do know that many of my fellow subjects have lost their jobs, homes and peace of mind (mine included) because of these creatures and that many of them may well have taken their own lives.

Again the Fourth Estate is attempting to smear the British National Party and their articles all end in the same way. Vote for anyone but the BNP. They do not give reasons or none that make any sense. Just DO NOT VOTE BNP and that is it. And their readers are expected to swallow this pap.

Now if you read this site, you know that it was the hard work of a dedicated BNP activist and sleazebuster Michael Barnbrook, who alone is responsible in forcing the issue of fraud by the political elite into the light of day. But the press will not tell you that, they dare not. Better to come from them than the BNP.

The Establisment know that they must silence the BNP, because if you think the expenses scandal is a big story, you have seen nothing yet. A British National Party government would rip the rock from over the maggots of Quangoes, Charities, Local Government and a hidden world wide paedophile network that make this current outrage seem like a four year old child taking a sweet off a counter. Rest assured I am not the type to commit suicide.

This fraud by the politicians is only the tip of the iceberg. If you really want the truth and you want the creatures who are draining Our Country dry and worse, then you had better face upto the fact that there is a revolution going on and start supporting the British National Party or lose not just your jobs but your country also.