Saturday, 16 May 2009

Another Day, Another Expense Claim to Investigate.

Do the decent thing, Gordon. Call it a day.
by johnofgwent

Dear Gordon
It has not been a good week for you, has it, Prime Minister. I open the browser, point it at the BBC News Front Page and the top story is .... an MP is being investigated over his expense claims. Today it is Labour MP for Bury North David Chaytor. At this rate our sister site recording the misdeeds of The Liars Buggers And Thieves is going to run out of disk space.

But Gordon, only you can put a stop to this.

I could list here every little fiddle, evry little thing you have done to screw the honest hardworking people of this country. Every "adjustment" you have made to the tax system to maximise your ability to raid their savings, their pensions, their future, their livelihood.

I could go into detail on how you enticed gullible fools too busy working in self employment to support their families into becoming a limited company so you could slash their entitlement to business expenses whilst at the same time ramping up the rakeoffs you and your fellow occupants of SW1A 0AA enjoyed.

I could go into details of how three little words "Duality Of Purpose" ensure that everyone who does not have the right to place their fat arses on those leather benches at SW1A 0AA has to argue the toss with some pompous oaf from the Revenue that their expense claims are for costs incurred wholly necessarily and exclusively in the course of their business while you and your cronies can help themselves to thousands for a new kitchen or three thousand quid for a new boiler when the water is too hot in the shower.

I could go into details of how you strove to make means tested benefits applications so hard to understand that pensioners fully entitled to them gave up half way through the application.

I could go into details of how you made the Child Tax Credit system so impossibly difficult to administer that your own staff screwed up the assessments nine times out of ten leading to the point where people were too scared to claim them lest they get lumbered with huge debts in years to come

I could go into details on how under your stewardship an age old custom in Parliament that one paid one's secretary and slept with one's wife was thrown into full reverse while businesses who employed family members came under "special" scutiny and penalties for doing as MP's do and pay the wife to manage the appointment books.

I could go into details on how you "took the opportunity of historically low interest rates" to destroy the system where people got tax relief on their mortgage contributions, whilst at the same time ensuring that your fellow "honourable members" did not have to bother about such trifles.

I could go into details of how your sidekick at the Treasury wrote tax measures designed so that those on salaries equal to and above your own "would be able to afford legal counsel to arrange their affairs so as not to be caught by these measures" while the rest of the ordinary, hard-working people in the country would be expected to roll over and die.

MY shower's been on the blink for five years now. I can't afford to have it replaced. I have the skills and experience to do the job myself. I've fitted twelve electric power showers in my time on this earth, three for me in the homes I have owned, three for my parents, in theirs. one for my in-laws and the rest for my various relatives as they moved homes. I am well accustomed to working in environments where electrics can get a little damp at times for I I learned those skills fitting the electrics for missile systems on naval frigates.

But today I cannot spend a hundred quid buying a new one and getting the job done myself because your bloody government made it illegal for anyone who has not handed you fifteen hundred pounds to fit a shower. Not that this worries the Poles working for Cash though does it.

I could go on, and on, and on, about how you have screwed every man woman and child in this country from the moment you walked into Number 11 Downing Street. But Google don't give me enough room to do the job properly.

Yesterday your former justice minister called for an end to this bloodfest. Listen to him and give him what he wants. Give Liz and Phil in Buck House a call,. Hand back the keys to the front door of Number Ten.

Let people like me who had to fight the Inland Revenue for every penny of every claim for every day we had to spend sleeping in a B&B at thirty five quid a night while we worked in one part of the country while maintaining a family home in another show you how to run the country and still be able to face the people we govern.

In the name of God, Gordon ...


Only then will this nightmare end.