Monday, 25 May 2009

"Three Groups are going straight to hell"

Imran Ahmad pictured part way through a two month speaking tour of the U S A "spreading a message of peace and moslem moderateness".
(I'm quite surprised they let him in)

by johnofgwent

"Six o clock and all's well" ... and so back to business. I have just been casting an eye over some of the more outlandish news sites but nothing much to talk about, just a load of people whingeing that North Korea seems to have let off another nuke.

But one quote did catch my eye in the search engine, and I have used it as the title of this thread. For it seems that the Online "BBC UK Magazine" page has deemed it necessary to chastise America for its failure to accept "Islam The Religion Of Peace".

The story goes that after being made redundant, British Businessman Imran Ahmad decided to pack his bags and take two months to go on a "one man re-humanisation lecture tour" of the USA. Travelling 13,000 miles to take the message that "islam is the religion of peace" to the men and women who saw thousands of their husbands wives sons daughters brothers and sisters slaughtered on live TV and who are regularly burying the men and women who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan in a body bag courtesy of their previous President.

Er .... Yeah ....... I can see how that's going to work out.

In the guy's own words ...

Overwhelmingly my audiences were friendly and supportive. The problem, I realised, was the people I really needed to reach were not the ones coming to my talks.

My host in Memphis, the director of Religious Education at the First Unitarian Church, told me she had taken the children to experience different places of worship. At the Baptist church the minister, in his sermon, had said: "There are three groups who are all going straight to hell: gays, murderers and Moslems."

Well what the hell did you expect turning up in the Deep South Bible Belt and trying to preach that the cult of the dead paedophile is just "terribly misunderstood".