Thursday, 21 May 2009

Vote Match = Vote Commie

by johnofgwent

Over on "ukdebate" there is a thread advertising an online questionnaire offering you "guidance on which political party in your region" best matches your views on thirty questions of policy. Except that when you take the test and give the answer that best matches British National Party policy on each question, you are urged to vote "UKIP".

Am I surprised ? Not in the slightest. They tried the same stunt to stop the election of the BNP's first London Assembly Member.

What does interest me is the result of a little digging on my part. Although a brief trawl through google will reveal the owners of the site are a well meaning bunch called "Unlocking Democracy", a quick "whois check" reveals the web domain was registered by an outfit called the "New Politics Network". Google them and you get shown websites trumpeting their amalgamation with an outfit called "Charter 88" who were a pressure group formed from leftie liberals brassed off with the success of Maggie Thatcher in the 1987 General Election.

Of the New Politics Network The Gruniad proclaims it to be
... An independent political and campaigning thinktank concerned with issues relating to democratic renewal and popular participation in politics
What the Guardian fail to tell you is that over on Wikipedia this organisation was established in 2000 following the winding up of Democratic Left, the legal successor organisation to the former Communist Party of Great Britain.

Fee Fii Fo Fum, I smell the hand of Searchlight Information Services again.