Saturday, 30 May 2009

Another victim of the dream

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

The trial of those accused of murdering 16 year old Ben Hitchcock back in June 2007, started this week at the old Bailey in London.

By many accounts, Ben, of Lewisham in South East London, had bought into the multicultural dream, many of his friends came from the ethnic minority community, and he would often hang out with gangs of black youths.

It was when he was out with a gang of his black friends that he became involved in a fight between two of of London's many, primarily black, territorial gangs. Ben was the only white person to be involved on either side of the fight, and he was the only one to die.

As Ben lay dying his final words were “Call my Mum, Please call my Mum”, however it was too late. Later his alleged killers would speak other words describing the events of that tragic night, phoning rival gang members they announced “We've stabbed up your white boy ...... he's waste”

Despite this, and the fact that the only white person present was the only casualty, the police have stated that Ben's colour was “of no relevance” and his alleged killers have not been charged with a racially motivated crime.

Thus ended another young life in the enriched multi-cultural paradise our leaders have bequeathed us.