Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Fine Day out in Haverfordwest

Cor blimey. This video editing stuff is hard graft. Gonna leave it to the pro's in future.
Anyway just managed to get hold of this video of our finest setting the standard in Haverfordwest.

Nearly two dozen BNP activists turned up to shame the opposition labour bunch who numbered three. These comprised an ageing proper type activist who could not persuade one person all day to take one of their poorly produced rags, a banshee type who turned out to be Labour Assembly member Mzzz Joyce Watson, and a chubby cheeked youngster called Leighton Veale who having many addresses qualifies to be their number four Euro candidate for Wales.

Well there we are then. We handed out several thousand eagerly accepted leaflets and newspapers, and the Labourites handed out none.Although it was hysterical to watch them chasing fruitlessly around there was just a hint of sadness at witnessing the death of a once great political idea.
Secretly though I am laughing my head off! Watch the above video and enjoy.

Footnote by the Green Arrow

Anthony, the regular cameraman for South Wales BNP was away filming another event and the cameraman on this occasion was West Wales Patriot, Mike Green with his old Cecil B. De Mille camera. Well done Mike.

Also doing a good job, this time in front of the camera was BNP councillor and European Election candidate, Kevin Edwards. I quite liked his open approach and the way he tackled another European Election candidate, Leighton Veale, who is a "absentee" Labour councillor, who has been criticised by his own group leader in London. Veale draws £8,200 a year for doing nothing in London whilst working for a "charity" in Cardiff.

The wide beamed woman, who so rudely attempted to stop Mike filming was of course Labour Welsh Assembly member Joyce Watson, who last year faced an investigation by the Standards Committee over allegations that she misused public money.

You can read a more detailed report on the Haverfordwest day of action here, that was written by Roger Phillips who shown in the above video.