Friday, 29 May 2009

Slavery is alive and flourishing in Britain

By The Informer

I have just been reading about a Muslim matriach who arranged marriages for her sons. Nothing unusual about that. In fact it is seen as standard practice in the Muslim world and to a lesser extent in the rest of the Indian population. There are pro's and con's about this practice, but I am not about to discuss these.
What I do object to is when it is used as a way of gaining entry to the UK. Why were the marriages not arranged with women already in the UK?

What I read today was that a woman. (no mention of background or religion) had used the wives of her three eldest sons as slaves, and that she had just been jailed for three and a half years for doing so.
On further investigation I find that these sons of hers had very little to do with these wives except impregnate them, and use them as a source of forced labour. This continued apparently for a period of thirteen years for one in sweat shop conditions sewing clothes. The other two were used as unpaid domestic servants. These daughter in laws had no rights and were not allowed out alone.
Also none of them learned to speak English.

There are three morals to this story.

1/ Slavery is still practiced by muslims in Britain
2/ Women have no value in Islam except as unpaid workers and the providers of children.
3/ Arranged marriages are a sham and are being used as a means of importing more muslims into the country.

Lastly. Is this an isolated case or is it the tip of the iceberg?