Monday, 25 May 2009

British National Party website still down

The main BNP website is currently down due to a massive Denial of Service Attack and I will bring you more news as soon as I have any. Meantime, I have none. Sorry.

However, the British National Party membership is made up of the best of the True British people. They do not whine when bombs fall around their heads, they do not flinch when their ammunition is gone and the fight is desperate, they fix bayonets and stand firm. So they do not even blink at a DOS attack that they have been expecting for weeks. The campaign goes on.

Because of the bond between the membership of the BNP there is a well established network of communications across the country. News and information is spread in seconds and because of the huge numbers of "unofficial" BNP Sites, information then filters down into local communites, showing the importance of the Patriot Sites.

And the readership of the British National Party are the most technology aware readers of any political party, within minutes of the site going down, they were over to the site of Simon Darby, the Deputy Leader of the Party to find out the score.

And for the news of what is happening in Our tortured Land they went of to UKTabloid, the one news portal that brings you the stories that mean you never have to pay for a paper that supports our enemies ever again.

Please people, never approach me with a hard copy of the Daily Mail or any other rag newspaper in your hand, not even if you say you are going to use it as toilet paper. I would not insult my rear end with such garbage.

And for those who are having a break from leafletting and door knocking, then there is the "Discuss the British National Party" Chatroll, an unofficial chat site where many of our key activivists like to hang out. If you wish to chat, it takes seconds to register and you can either join your kinsmen in relaxing or if you have questions about the BNP, then ask. There is only one way to discover the truth and that is to look for it.

And that my friends is the reason why there is no BNP site this morning. They do not wish you to discover the truth. They need the truth buried. Because they know that when you find it, you will be so horrified and angry that nothing short of death will stop you joining in our quest to destroy them, the enemies of the British People.

Proud to be BNP.

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