Friday, 22 May 2009

Is Blue State Digital ripping off Hope not Hate?

Ahmed? Come and tell me what this sign says.
I think it is in English

I wonder if the convicted communist criminal Gerry "Unstable" Gable, the owner of the state and charity funded Searchlight is going to be ripped of by the American Carpet Bag Company called Blue State Digital.

Angry at seeing the fantastic British National Party billboards going up all over the country Gerry called on his Yankee gun-slingers to do something.

After all he is paying them a small fortune. Or rather you and I are, if you donate to charities, are a union member or a rate payer in one of the Labour controlled councils.

Click for larger image

Well they have organised an email letter writing campaign to first of all collect email addresses to sell on, pass on to the government and then be sent onto Clear Channel, the company that owns the billboard sites complaining about their involvement in the democratic process.

Now before we get to the main thrust of this post, I must let you know that if you look at the source code of the page shown above you will find the following snippets, evidence of the involvement of both Blue State Digtial and also the Daily Stain that is also known as the The Daily Mirror.

"" ...

OK enough evidence. On with the post. If you enlarge the red shite image you will see the following:
In under 90 minutes over 1000 emails have been sent to Clear Channel. We’ve had to double our target to 2000 messages – send your message now!
All a load of tosh. What as happened is that the page is not recording the number of emails actually send in but number of hits on the page or 2nd follow on page. I mean who in their right mind is going to put in their own email only to see it sold on or wind up on this site with the UAF email list?

And how do I know this about the email counter? Because I and a few friends spend just a few minutes knocking the numbers up to what they are showing in the above image. Why? No reason. Just felt like doing it.

And then I got thinking why would Blue Steal Digital code the page that way? And I came up with three possible reasons.

Well they could just employ Crap Coders or then again it might just be, to fool visitors to the page into thinking there was more support for their plans to interfere with the democratic process than there actually are.

And then again, it could just be a ploy to show Gerry "Unstable" Gable the page with huge hits to show him how successful BSDs methods are before hitting him with a big bill.

But listen, if you really would like to send an email to Clear Channel thanking them for supporting the democratic process, then just click here.

Hat Tip to AJ for the Luton billboard image.