Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Return of the Red, White and Blue

Last years was great - this years will be better

Looks as if the family gathering of the British National Party, known as the Red, White and Blue festival will again be held near Denby for the third successive year.

The Derbyshire Police have again confirmed that there will again be an objection to an alcohol and live music license for the event should the BNP apply for one.

However like all families, the BNP can make its own entertainment and so this act of spite on the part of the politically controlled police bothers them not a jot.

Alan Warner
, the brave owner of the land who has had his property vandalised as a result of defending freedom of speech and association said:
"There has never been any trouble on the site but what have they done with the people they arrested last year, for violent disorder and throwing things at the police?
Good question Mr Warner. Just what did happen to those 36 brain dead thugs from the UAF/Searchlight who were arrested last year? Given a slap on the back, a packed lunch and sent home in a cab, I should imagine.

More articles on last years Red, White and Blue can be found by clicking on this link.

Might interest you to know, that in the ten years the RWB going, not one member or supporter of the BNP has been arrested. How many people have been murdered, mugged, raped and assaulted at the London Carnival of Death and how many enrichers been arrested?

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