Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bath Activist Network

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OK, I put my hand up. I have been negligent in my duty in bringing to you not just the news but the background to the news. I shall try and make up for it now.

The British National Party have just published a superb report on the involvement of all the major parties and their support for the political terrorist organisations of Searchlight and the UAF that were revealed for all to see in the images taken in Bath yesterday.

Now I first read about the plans of the communists to attack and prevent a debate about the European Elections taking place in Bath on Wednesday the 20th of May. An attempt that failed. They of course, being completely removed from reality have reported a stunning victory. I put it down to the drugs they take which obviously affects their counting ability also(video also).

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The UAF operating under the banner of the Bath Activist Network(BAN) were shooting their mouths of with:
A spokesman for BAN said: "Many of us in BAN hold a no platform position.

"This means that we do not believe that the BNP should be given the chance to spread their hatred.

"We believe in people's right to say and do what they like, until those words of actions are designed to infringe on the freedom of somebody else to do the same.
Well as you can see from the image above there was hardly any support for the communists, other than their paid trade union activists, an effeminate MEP and a few brain dead zombies. Not many ethnics either. They have better things to do than try and stop a steamroller or the tide coming in.
Our group is an umbrella for people with a wide range of beliefs, and means of achieving their goals - be it council lobbying, letter-writing, sustainable living, public demonstrations, info stalls or direct action;
In fact BAN are just a bunch of kids playing at politics. Not so Searchlight and the UAF. These are serious criminals and thugs who have no problems in manipulating the morons of BAN.

In a desperate attempt to prevent being dragged away from his trough at Europe, Labour MEP, Glyn Ford gave a simpering speech. So who is Glyn Ford?

Glyn Ford, MEP sits on the unelected Steering Committee for the discredited Unite Against Fascism(UAF) movement and is a personal friend of the communist Gerry Gable of the state sponsored Searchlight magazine.
His former parliamentary assistant, Kay Baxter, told The Express newspaper: "I became his household manager when the parliament was paying me to be his parliamentary assistant.

"Most of the household bills were paid for from the office fund. In effect his house became a hotel paid for by parliament.

"The office paid all of the electricity bills, phone, water, rates, television licence and even the council tax."

Mrs Baxter ran Mr Ford's constituency office from a basement his semi-detached home in Mossley, Greater Manchester, for 13 years.
So there you have it. I hope I have gone some way in not reporting the details sooner.

Later day, hopefully a report from BNPtv Wales on their day of action in ..........