Sunday, 24 May 2009

Coming soon to a Catholic Church near you

Kuala Lumpur's Catholic Church.
Tolerated, but for how much longer I wonder.
by johnofgwent

Oh dear. It seems the cult of the dead paedophile are up in arms. Again. But this time it is because The Catholic Church is calling God 'Allah'. Not the whole church you understand, only one of them in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the "Official Language" of the government insists on using the word Allah to mean 'God'.

And so the Catholic Church in Malaysia has decided that as the government use the word to mean "God", so should they. Predictably, Holy Mo's imams are not impressed, and so the matter is going to court.

The claim is that "confusion" is the problem here. "Young or unsuspecting Moslems" could be "confused" by other religions referring to "allah" and might even be "tricked" into "converting".

I can't see it myself. After all, if the person sitting next to you as you pray is not only female but also isn't wearing a body bag to hide the bruises from the beatings their imam says is good for her, it's a fair bet you're not praying in a room filled with "heads down bums in the air" cultists.

Nonetheless, as the President and Vice President of The Tory Party At Prayer (a.k.a Rowan Williams and John Sentamu unite to deliver another chorus of "stop the BNP at all costs" I wonder what Cardinal Ratzinger's next move will be now that The Church Of England look forward to singing "all things sharia and halal" next Eid.