Monday, 18 May 2009

The BNP thank Tory blogger for free publicity

I found this article over on UTALKMARKETING quite funny.

It seems that some cretin named Adam Bienkov who runs the site Tory Troll has spat his dummy out over the fact that regional newspapers have been carrying British National Party adverts.

Adam describes himself as a journalist who covers Londonistan and is obviously a member of the NUJ.
Now I'm generally against the no-platform policy. I think that the BNP should be allowed to show themselves up in their own good way and their own good time.

But where I draw the line is in actually taking money from these creeps.
In other words, he is against the no-platform policy for people he agrees with but supports it for those he disagrees with.

But thanks to Adam, the BNP has had further publicity, as shown in the link above and also a nice image of the BNP banner shown for free.

Actually if Adam goes to the following link, he will see that regional paper sales are down nationwide and that is not just because of the recession but also because the papers are no longer in touch with real people.

Then again, I suspect that neither is Adam in touch with real people as he carries a link to a notorious red shite site that advocates violence as an alternative to democracy.

Thanks for the publicity Adam, you silly blue muppet.


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