Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Two Faces of the Church

By Albion

The Right Reverend, The Traitorous Clown, Bishop of Birmingham David Andrew Urquhart, Bishop of an English city that is so perilously close to being predominately black thus placing its own native people as a minority group has the audacity to advise his dwindling congregation not to vote for the British National Party whose real concern is for the security and well being of it’s native people.

Bishops of this ilk did not last two minutes in the time of Henry the Eighth, making comments such as this would quickly place his head on the chopping block. No doubt Urquhart’s close associate at seminary was His Eminence “Dopey” Rowan, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Please listen closely to this red-robed fool of a man, a sad excuse for an Englishman, a person that has never done a hard days work in his quiet cloistered life. Quote;
“As Christians we find that there are values in our country which go back hundreds of years which respect the basic responsibility justice, rule of law and treating people in a way which respects them with dignity and compassion” blah, blah, blah
Let us talk about hypocrisy for a moment if we may. Hypocrisy is not the reserved realm of politicians and fraudsters but also of religious zealots. Since the time of Christ these Shaman have held the peasants in a state of awe with threats of eternal damnation if they did not believe in an entity that no-one have ever seen. They tell us as new born babies we are born with original sin which for the rest of our lives we must divest ourselves of.

We are asked to believe in a deity that we are told exists but no-one has seen. Blind faith is a good description. If I were to ask you if you believe in flying saucers you might say no because you have never seen one. These people live in a rarefied atmosphere. They are magicians, its sleight of hand, religious programming, smoke and mirrors. The peasants see these robed people as a higher group apart from mere mortals. Are they translating the word of God by advising its parishioners not to vote for a political party?

Remember his words “treating people in a way which respects them with dignity and compassion”

Lets talk about these messengers of God shall we and see hypocrisy at work. How many decades is it that the clergy has been involved in paedophilia, how many years have it elders covered it up, how many peoples lives have been shattered?

Question the decades of sexual assaults by representatives of the church and his reply will be predictable as a typical police comment after a mass riot ‘only a small minority’. Don’t you believe that lie for one moment it was NOT a small minority, it was rampant in church schools, church orphanages and against young choir boys. Girls were also not immune; the abuse was even perpetrated by the nuns. It was rampant in places where young children were exiled, even to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

He went on to say; “we should rejoice that Britain is a place that is generous and made up of many different racial and ethnic backgrounds”.

However what he did omit to say was British society has never in its long history been so socially fragmented as it is today. It has never experienced the urban violence it is experiencing today. The surveillance of its people with over 4 and a half million CCTV cameras would make George Orwell proud.

It has a government that vies with any third world for its corruption, and as a bonus as a result of being such a generous nation the most congested country in Europe. With so many people made up of different racial and ethnic backgrounds we now have NO GO areas and Ghetto’s. I need a few more foolscap pages to list the other similar factors we should rejoice in. Give me strength!

In the 50’s my mother worked as a cleaner in a priest’s house in Old Street, Shoreditch. I shall never forget her telling me that it was common practise for the priests to take the money from the collection plate to bet on the horses of a Saturday, and grog was abundant.

We are told there is separation between the church and the state. Utter rubbish! This fool proves it; the clergy ARE religious politicians and bigots.

What about an encore from this imposter? “Treating people in a way which respects them with dignity and compassion” Yes, well what about our people, your people?

How could you take this religious hypocrite seriously, he is as hypocritical as the socialist political establishment he represents. Greed is the opiate for the politician as are pleasures of the flesh the opiate for the small minority of Gods disciples. A day’s work in the real world away from his opulent grace and favour residence as a poor white struggling to survive in a black ghetto would terrify this man.

I would like to stress that any agnostic comments or innuendos expressed by myself as the author of this post does not necessarily reflect those views held by the British National Party.

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