Saturday, 30 May 2009

The future they have in store

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

We are told that our population is ageing, and it is certainly true that due to healthier lifestyles and improved medical treatment, more people are living into old age than was ever the case. We are also told by our government, that same government which was able to find tens of billions of pounds to support the banks, and tens of billions more to fight wars, which many call illegal, (not to mention the billions which go towards the EU) that we as a nation can not afford to support the growing number of elderly citizens.

They go on to tell us that the only way this country can survive as a thriving economy and continue to afford to support the growing, grey haired, masses is to import millions of immigrants to "boost the economy" and "pay the taxes".

Of course, what they say is total codswallop (says she, once again resisting a more colourful choice of language). This claim is made repeatedly, and I am sure that many otherwise intelligent people accept it as a fact, yet it is both incorrect and it is dishonest.

Firstly to accept this argument requires us to ignore the evidence of our very eyes, in that immigrants have self evidently not “boosted our economy”. As I pointed out in a post I made a few weeks ago, after 10 years or more of mass immigration at levels never before seen in this country, our economy is now in the worst state it has ever been, other than at the end of the last world war. Much good immigration did us!!!!

Many, and I am one of them, have argued that both immigration and pandering to various minority groups was at the heart of the sub-prime fiasco, which brought about the recent financial crisis, however, whatever the cause, even the most passionate multiculturalist can not argue that immigration has made our situation any better.

It can not be disputed that our economy is in a far worse state than it was before the decade long tsunami of immigration we have just lived through, so how exactly has immigration made it any better?!

Secondly, this demented theory that mass immigration is the solution to coping with an ageing population, assumes that all the new arrivals which the establishment is so frantically importing have discovered the secret of eternal youth, and will never, become pensioners themselves.

It is beyond belief that so many fail to see through the dishonesty and basic madness of this argument. This strategy depends on an ever increasing number immigrants providing for an ever increasing number of immigrant pensioners. Very much like the health service, where we are told we need to strip the third world of qualified medical staff in order to cope with the strain caused by ever increasing numbers of third world immigrants.

The indigenous population of Britain is not growing, yet the strain on our services and infrastructure is increasing by the year, and it does not take a genius to work out what is causing it.

The earlier waves of immigrants are now becoming pensioners, each year their numbers grow, and in twenty or thirty years, those arriving now will be joining them. If you believe the crazy argument we are being fed we will then need even more new immigrants to support them., and more again after that. Given that space is finite, do we continue this lunacy until we are required to stand on each others shoulders? And what then? Is this the legacy we want to leave to our children?

Beyond this is the inescapable fact that at the current rate of immigration, immigrants, and their descendants, will have outnumbered the indigenous population within the next fifty, or at the very outside sixty, years. (if anyone reading this has a child or grandchild under the age of 10 they have to accept that, if nothing changes, by the time those children collect their pensions they will will be living in a Britain where white Europeans – let alone white Britons - are in the minority).

That is not a BNP scare story, it is a mathematical certainty, which every politician is aware of but will not admit.

If you are happy with the prospect of Britain becoming a majority non-white nation within two generations, than that is a view you are entitled to, but remember you were never given the option of a vote on it.

However, even if you are one of those who do look forward with pleasure to a time when this country's indigenous population become an ethnic minority, you have to accept that it will not solve the pension problem.

Non-European immigrants have a considerably higher birth rate than Europeans, and there are no political or cultural reasons which suggest that is going to change any time soon, in fact very much the reverse. Hence, as more and more come the faster the population will grow, causing greater stress on the infrastructure, and inevitably creating more pensioners, and more, and more.

To any rational person, this argument in favour of immigration to pay for pensions, services or anything else is total lunacy, which is merely storing up problems for the future.

However, as you must have realised by now, the ideologues who run our country are not rational.

Every main political party in Britain subscribes to the same discredited belief that the insane levels of immigration we have seen are somehow good for the country, not one of them, Labour, Tory or Lib Dem, will do a thing to change the current reality. no matter how mad it becomes. And the same applies to UKIP, they are a single issue, anti-European pressure group, who's policies might effect the number of white, Christian Europeans coming to Britain, however, as far non-European immigration is concerned, UKIP are in bed with the Lib/Lab/Con troika. In any event, a single issue pressure group like UKIP is not going to solve the multiple issue problems we face, particularly one which refuses to acknowledge the main problem.

Do not be fooled, continued mass immigration into Britain is not going to solve the pensions crisis, or anything else, in fact it will make them all infinitely worse. It has not helped us, and it will not help us, it is creating a monster which will destroy our Country's future. If you vote for any of the main parties you will be embracing their failed policies on immigration and the blighted future that will bring.

Do not be lured into voting UKIP either, for they do not offer an alternative. Surely the very attempts by the controlled media to make UKIP seem attractive should warn you it is not in Britain's best interests to vote for them.

If you wish to avoid the nightmare future which will inevitably follow from continued, uncontrolled mass immigration, there is only one option, and only one way to vote on June 4th, and that is for the BNP. If you do not, you will be choosing a future which your children, and your country will not thank you for, worse, they may well curse you for it.