Sunday, 31 May 2009

Roger Bolton does it again....

by johnofgwent

Earlier today I mentioned how Roger Bolton's "Sunday" programme allowed the archbishop of canterburistan to lob pot shots at those criticising his actions in attempting to get the voters to vote for anyone except the BNP.

Bolton's at it again. In "feedback" he was out shoving microphones under BBC executives noses demanding an admission that it is hypocritical for BBC journalists freelance and staff alike to go out and criticise the MP's when those same journalists are paid from the public purse and doubtless claim expenses too.

Wrong. Wrong ***WRONG*** Mr Bolton.

You overlook the fact that every one of those BBC executives, BBC journalists and Freelancers On Contract to the BBC are handed a tax return which thay must use to persuade the taxman that every penny of their expense claim was incurred "wholly necesarily and exclusively" for business and that failure to do so can come back to haunt you with penalties, interest and interviews under caution on suspicion of fraud.

You overlook the fact as transmitted on a programme ten days ago on your own radio station that expense claims are subject to a duality of purpose test. An actor faced with crooked teeth which prevent him succeeding in getting past the audition for the cameras must pay for the dentistry out of his own pocket. The taxman freely admits the expense was necessary for him to gain work and thus keep the taxman employed, but the teeth to which the dentistry were employed eat food as well as glitter for the camera, and thus "duality of purpose" rules scupper the claim.

And you overlook the fact that NO Member of Parliament must meet this standard with their paper chases covering the barrowloads of gold they have squirrel out of the public purse.

Mr Bolton you owe every single BBC journalist and freelancer on contract to the BBC an apology for this outrageous slur on the system that vets the legality of their expenses to the same standard as every other working man and woman in the country - except the 650 odd scum in London SW1A 0AA