Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Archbishop and the BNP

by johnofgwent

No pictures on this one, I have to rush off. I will be back to fill this in with details.

My ideal Sunday morning starts with bacon and eggs and Radio 4. Always has. But today I nearly choked on them. Roger Bolton's "Sunday" propgramme interviewed the traitor to the Christian Faith Rowan Williams and couldn't resist the opportunity to have a dig at the BNP. In a weakly worded "challenge" which was nothing more than a plug to allow Williams to repeat his disgraceful attack on the democratic process, Bolton asked "was it right" for "His Greasiness" to advise the electorate not to vote for us.

The well oiled response was that he felt it was right in this progressive society to "speak out at the dangers of turning the clock back".

Bolton of course ignored the fact that Williams can hardly stand there and urge the electorate to vote for the BNP given that he is on record saying it would be good to have elements of sharia in our society.

But I think the programme editor should be given a roasting for not making that challenge. Why not pop over to the BBC Web Page for today, find the link to the Sunday programme, and email them to let them know what you think.