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Focus on Michael Barnbrook BNP

Michael Barnbrook
I hope that one day he becomes our Minister for Justice

All too often I get distracted from my original to do list and write about something that caught my eye during my morning trolls. That is the case with with this post.

I was over on one my really favourite sites, that I have written about in the past, The London Patriot and had just read an article about Michael Barnbrook BNP of the Bexley Branch that made me decide to do a bit of digging into the activities of Michael, who is the parties spokesman on Policing and Crime matters.

Now as you know, I along with many others have lost faith in our police force and this is probably because quality people like Michael, who was a police inspector have retired from the discredited service that now only serves its political masters and not the people.

I found this, again on the London Patriot :
Michael Barnbrook, born in Essex, is 65, and married with two children, 2 step-children and six grandchildren. Educated at Plaistow Grammar School, he joined the Metropolitan Police Force in 1964 and gained the rank of Inspector before retiring. Michael then worked for 7 years with Greenwich Council in the Leisure Services Department and retired fully in 2001. Since then he has been actively involved in fundraising to erect headstones for the unmarked graves of Victoria Cross holders. Michael is known as the Party’s ‘sleazebuster’ having been involved in the demise of a number of MPs over the years, most recently Derek Conway and Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton. Since joining the party he has stood in 2 council elections and has been selected as our prospective parliamentary candidate for Old Bexley and Sidcup in the next General Election, which, fittingly enough, is Derek Conway’s old constituency.
The above is from Michaels profile that was published when it was announced he would be standing in the Euro Elections for the London Region, Sidcup, Kent.

But what really got me interested, was the piece about him being the "Party Sleazebuster". So off I went and asked him to provide some information about himself and just why he was called "The Sleazebuster". Well the guy is another early bird and responded with the following.

Dear GA,

I am a retired Metropolitan Police Inspector, having retired after 30 years service with a certificate for exemplary service.

I have been in the British National Party for just over two years. During that period I have stood in two Council Elections in the London Borough of Bexley, the first in Christchurch Ward, where we took 17.3% of the vote at our first attempt in the ward, beating Labour in the process and the second, East Wickham Ward, where we came within 9 votes of beating the Conservatives in one of their strongest wards, also beating Labour, Lib Dems and English Democrats in the process.

I am the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Old Bexley and Sidcup in the next General Election and second on the London list in the forthcoming European elections.

I was one of the complainants against the Conservative MP, Michael Trend, when he was forced to stand down in 1992 for misappropriating nearly £100,000 of taxpayers money by abusing the additional costs allowance.

I was also the complainant in the case of the Labour MP. Clive Betts, who was suspended from the House for seven days for abusing Parliamentary rules.

I was the complainant against Derek Conway, MP, who has had the Conservative whip removed from him after having been suspended for ten days for abusing Parliamentary allowances. He will stand down at the next General Election.

I was the complainant in the case of Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton, who will stand down at the next election after having been found guilty of abusing Parliamentary allowances.

I was also the complainant against Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House, in the airmiles fiasco.

I also reported James Purnell to HM customs and Revenue in February, 2008, for apparent abuse of the Capital Gains Tax allowance when he sold his London flat.

I was one of two complainants against Jacqui Smith for apparent abuse of her second home allowance.

I have also submitted a report to the Metropolitan Police asking them to investigate her activities.

I was the complainant against Harry Cohen, who is currently being investigated for apparent abuse of the ACA by stating his main residence is a caravan.

I have also asked the police to investigate his activities.

I have written to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner recently, asking him to investigate the activities of Elliot Morley who claimed £16,000 of taxpayers money after his mortgage had finished.

I have also written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards today, asking him to investigate Kenneth Clarke over the payment of Council Tax on his main home.

These are just some of the complaints I have made against MPs' over the years.

It was as a direct result of the Derek Conway affair that Parliament had a recent review of MPs allowances and introduced a number of changes.

It was also as a direct result of the Conway affair that a meeting took place between the Metropolitan Police and Parliamentary Officials, which resulted in the Eighth Committee on Standards and Privileges report of 2007/8, which sets down a protocol for dealing with MPs' suspected of criminal behaviour.

Very few people in the public domain are aware that the
British National Party is very much involved in rooting out these corrupt MPs' because of a media blackout. That is why we have to spread the news via the internet and I thank you for your interest.


Mick Barnbrook,
Bexley Branch,
British National Party

Well there you go. I had heard of Michael but I honestly did not realise what a trooper he really is. A credit to Bexley and a credit to our Party. I hope one day that Michael becomes our Justice Minister and restores the honour to the office that has been tarnished by the crook Shahid Malik.

Proud to be in the BNP with members like Michael Barnbrook.

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