Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Mark Serwotka of the PCS and the BNP

Guess where Mark was during this event?
Yep, on stage gobbing off.

It is hardly surprising to read that Mark Serwotka, the general secreatry of the Public and Commercial Services(PCS) trade union has made the following statement at their annual conference.
"The government should sack all members of the BNP that work in the Civil Service," Serwotka said. "There is no place for the division sewn by the BNP and their xenophobic cry of "British jobs for British workers" given to us by Gordon Brown."
He was warmly applauded for that shameful vomit by delagates from the UK's largest civil service trade union, that are part of the ever growing army of bureaucrats who oversee us at enormous cost in wages and pensions. They of course, look down, out of their ivory towers and sneer at the True Britis who quite rightly believe that it should be "British Jobs for British Workers".
“British jobs for British workers is not only a reactionary slogan, it is potentially racist.
Mark Serwotka"
So what do we know about comrade (oops given the game away already) Mark Serwotka? Well until he became the general secretary he was a Benefits Officer working in Sheffield. During his campaign he vowed not to accept the enormous salary that went with the title but to accept the "average wage" for civil servants. Once elected this promise was quickly forgotten. Like Moslems, communists have no problems with lying to people. To them, the end justifies the means.

Red Mark is a former member of the Socialist Alliance which was a vehicle for work between the International Communist League and the Workers Socialist League so it is understandable why he clearly has no idea about the meaning of democracy. Communists never do.

A big friend of the lycra clad, George Galloway he is the most prominent trade unionist to support the moslem funded Respect Party, so we can clearly which sort of bread he prefers and it is not white.

As to be expected, the slime is also a proud signatory to the politcal and violent UAF and thereore presumabley spends tax payers money via his members subscriptions in donations to those thugs to silence freedom of speech. A friend of the convicted communist criminal Gerry Gable, his trade union belongs to the "Friends Of Searchlight" and again you can bet more of members subscriptions are channeled into Gerry's very deep pockets.

So thats all you need to know about Mark Serwotka, unless you want to read about his speech at the Marxism 2008 festival. I wonder how many of his unions members know just what sort of evil monster they have elected as their leader. I doubt it. Do they care?